2020 Census awareness at Ghanaian Community of St. Louis 11th Gala

The Ghanaian Community of Greater St Louis celebrated their 11th annual fundraiser gala on March 7th, 2020. The goal of the organization is to build strong bonds and relationships among Ghanaians and the surrounding communities. It is estimated that there are over seven thousand ghanaians in St Louis who are spread out in every industry both in low skills and professional skills.  The colourful event held at Legacy Center in Florissant
V4A works with community leaders to disseminate information about available resources and services during such community events. At this event participants were informed about the upcoming 2020 census and why everyone need to participate. Dr. Michael Opoku, an internist in Country Club Hills, Missouri gave a presentation on coronavirus (COVID-19) and the precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the virus. He also encouraged people to adopt healthy lifestyle to avoid diabetes, blood pressure  and cancer that is on increase in the African Immigrant Community.
Dr Opoku is also the current president of Ghanaian Community of St Louis.

The African Immigrant community population in St Louis has more than tripped in the last five years. See other African Community organizations in St Louis

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