We are committed to improve health care access and services to African Immigrants and refugees through education, resources, referrals and awareness. We focus on improving overall Immigrants health by involving all service providers that serves immigrants such as hospitals, clinics, schools, and other health care organizations.


We host health screening events, conduct home visits to promote, TB awareness, breast cancer awareness and improve chronic disease management.

With high rise of mental health cases as a result of lack of constructive activities, V4A saw the need to engage kids with art and dance therapy programs. We also offer nutritional classes on health eating habits and homework assistance programs.

The program offers; dance classes, drumming, soccer, skating, chess, robotics and talent night



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F4KIDZ promotes positive values, healthy habits, and education through soccer and workouts– resulting in reduced childhood obesity and subsequently reduce diabetes and hypertension in the community


Christ Covenant Church
3465 Shackelford Rd,
Florissant MO 63031

The Melvin Theatre
2912 Chippewa St,
Saint Louis, MO 63118


We appreciate St Louis County Children Service Fund and Mental Health Board for sponsoring this program and Christ Covenant Church and Melvin Theatre for providing the venue. 

V4A offers art and dance therapy to address mental health in the immigrant and refugee kids in St Louis. This program is helping kids boost their self-esteem and embrace their identity. Thank you, St Louis Children Service Fund, St Louis Mental Health Board for partnering with us.

Art Therapy is popular in schools and hospitals due to its healing and behavior management potential. Children who take part is art therapy have a chance to express themselves about topics that may be too difficult to vocalize.

Whether drawing, Dancing, painting, or writing poetry, the expressive therapy can increase confidence and self-awareness, relieve stress, or provide a coping mechanism for children who have emotional conflicts.
Part of our Art Therapy program is teaching kids African music and dance. This not only gives them a sense of identity but also is part of their health and wellness. It also brings parents closer to their kids.