Geoffrey Soyiantet, Executive Director of VitendoAfrica

Geoffrey Soyiantet Bio

A native of Kenya, Geoffrey Soyiantet embarked on a transformative journey that led him from the vibrant streets of Nairobi to the heart of St. Louis, where he has become a beacon of empowerment and change for African immigrants.

Graduating with honors from Kenyatta University in Kenya, Geoffrey transplanted his passion for education and community empowerment to the United States, founding and steering the helm of Vitendo4Africa, a nonprofit organization with a resounding mission. In Swahili, “Vitendo” embodies action, a philosophy echoed in the organization’s commitment to empowering African immigrants through education and outreach programs in Missouri.

Geoffrey stands as a lifeline for newcomers, many of whom arrive through the Diversity Visa program, navigating a new world without government assistance. Under his stewardship, Vitendo4Africa offers an array of vital services, from mentoring youth, facilitating workforce development, and championing healthcare access to nurturing entrepreneurship, guiding home purchases, and forging invaluable connections within the community.

Beyond Vitendo4Africa, Geoffrey’s dedication to fostering economic growth and cultural exchange resonates profoundly. As the co-founder of the St. Louis African Chamber of Commerce, he pioneers initiatives that stimulate business and trade between the African Continent and the St. Louis Region. His advisory role in the St. Louis Mosaic Project underscores his commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the region.

Geoffrey’s impact extends far and wide, evident in his multifaceted engagements across St. Louis. His service on various boards, advocacy for immigrant rights, and recognition through prestigious awards, such as the Mary T. Hall Equity Award and the St. Louis Business Journal Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award, ST Louis Titan 100 reflect his unwavering commitment to driving change.

A passionate advocate for immigrant entrepreneurs and community integration, Geoffrey relentlessly pursues his vision of a more inclusive and prosperous St. Louis. A cohort member of FOCUS Leadership St. Louis and a holder of a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Business Administration from Lindenwood University, Geoffrey resides in North County with his cherished family—a loving testament to his dedication both personally and professionally.

In every endeavor, Geoffrey Soyiantet embodies the spirit of action and empowerment, weaving a tapestry of opportunity and resilience for immigrant communities in St. Louis and beyond.

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