Empowering Immigrant women to participate fully in economic life is essential to build stronger economies and improve the quality of life for many families and communities.  Vitendo4africa believes that an empowered woman has the potential to break the cycle of poverty in the immigrant community, keep the family healthy and more connected with resources in the community.

Women empowerment program focuses on connecting immigrant and refugees women with resources, equipping them with business skills, asset building and skills development.

We are seeking funding for bridging and pre-employment programs and for training assistance for immigrant and refugees women to help them become financially independent.

1. Women Mentorship

Women who have settled volunteer to mentor women who are newly settling from Africa. This may involve showing them places to shop, social meeting points, daycare centers, places of worship, schools and more.

2. Annual Queens Night

This is an annual event when women comes for an evening of fun and networking. We have a guest speaker covering topics on investments, parenting, retirement of career development.

3. Women Breakfast Network

This involves women networking forums and workshops whose goal is to promote immigrant women entrepreneurs and professionals women.