Life skills training for Immigrant kids

Access to information and resources helps immigrant families to stay safe, healthy, productive and economically empowered. Through partnership and collaborations, we are able to reach more clients more effectively and efficiently even with limited resources.

V4A in partnership with the city of Florissant offers various services to immigrant population in North county on areas of access to resources, facility use for training and education.  Last month the entire team of Florissant  Valley Fire department came to our Friday soccer event to educate parents and kids on home safety in case of fire and medical emergency.

With high increase in fire cases and medical emergencies among new families, this type of training is timely and a great resource in the community.   V4A works with both adults and the youth to educate them about available resources in the community. By training and equipping young immigrants with information and leadership skills, it means in the next few years they will be a great resource helping  new immigrant families in the community.

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