St. Louis Zoo Current Commitment in North County and in Kenya through WildCare Institute

Over the weekend the Kenyan Community in St. Louis hosted a colorful reception for the incoming US ambassador to Kenya, Sen. Kyle McCarter and his wife Victoria McCarter.

The Saint Louis Zoo which is America’s Top Free Attraction and Best Zoo was part of this amazing, heartfelt send off for Ambassador Kyle McCarter and his wife Victoria. The leadership of Saint Louis Zoo had a terrific opportunity meeting St. Louis’ Kenya community and sharing about the Zoo’s current and future commitments in their immediate neighborhood and in Northern Kenya through the WildCare Institute.

The Saint Louis Zoo representatives shared with the Kenyan community about the WildCare Institute’s diverse initiatives with zebras, camels, and cheetahs in Kenya. The Zoo President & CEO Dr. Jeffrey P. Bonner thanked the Kenyan community for the generous invitation to participate in this special day and more so Vitendo 4 Africa and the Christ Covenant Church for facilitating such an unforgettable event!

Dr. David Githinji one of the Kenyan scholars living in Saint Louis and working for Saint Louis Zoo observed that the community is moving forward to develop new partnerships here and in Kenya.

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