F4KIDZ African Performing Arts Sharing great arts of African dance, drumming and music

F4KIDZ African Performing Arts offers unique opportunity to share the rich African culture through dance and music. This group of young artists comprising of middle school immigrant students, uses the dance and drumming to promote the African culture in Missouri.
In addition to general entertainment, this program creates a platform for African Kids and youth to boost their self-esteem, confidence and sense of identity.  By sharing their stories and experiences, teachers, students , staff and general public are more equipped to relate well with people from diverse background. The program also helps to educate other students about the African culture and how they can be welcoming to foreign born students in their classrooms and schools. 
In the past this group have performed at Missouri museum, Festival of Nations, nursing homes, Magic house, Washington University and has been to nine school districts in St Louis.
F4KIDZ African Performing Arts is available to entertain your audience in your upcoming (small or big) events for a small fee. The group is also accepting donations to purchase equipment and costumes. 


To book the group, please email to info@khalidhasan.info. For more information, visit www.vitendo4africa.org

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