Micro-enterprice program

Vitendo Gateway SACCO is one answered prayer to thousands of Kenyans who have been struggling with two or three tiring jobs and no hope for retirement. Vitendo SACCO comes to open doors of opportunites for Kenyans in Diaspora to explore their full potential.sacco

SACCO membership benefits include; small loans, group coverage with CIC-Diaspora insurance, discounted rates with various lacal businesses, holiday saving, Student loans among others. To be a registered member of VGS one has to pay $100 non-refundale registration fee and commit to save minimum of $80 per month. visit VGS website at www.vitendosacco.com


  • Financially empower members by providing personalized financial services and education
  • Enhance economic independence through continued business mentoring
  • Create affordable specialized services in Credit Repair, Business Marketing, Taxation and Accounting services
  • We also have a desire to see more individuals in our community graduate college through supporting students through loans for fees.
  • Financial Education is a key pillar of the group. Every member is required to participate in the trainings organized by the group in order to benefit from loan and other products that are made available

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