To promote healthy relationship among immigrant families, V4A has lined up various activities that bring parents and children together.  Strong family relationships can go a long way towards helping your child grow into a well-rounded, considerate and caring adult. In early October over 60 immigrant mothers and sons enjoyed a memorable dinner date. This came after a very colorful and historic father and daughter dinner date.

There has been a big gap between immigrants youth and their parents, mainly brought by conflicts between African and American culture when it comes to parenting. When this issue is not addressed in the right way, it not only affects the self esteem of the child, but also their school performance. To address this problem we must educate both the parent and the child. The most effective way is to start early when the child is still young and before it is too late.  V4A creates opportunities for parents to bond with their kids and to discuss their individual goals. These forums also creates opportunities for parents to exchange notes and learn from other people’s experience.
83% of those who participate in these activities reported back that their parent/child relationship has improved and the family is more connected.

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