V4A Youth Mentorship Parent Engagement

V4A Youth Mentorship parent engagement component of our Youth Mentorship Program is a collaboration between V4A and similar community based organizations that share our passion for creating a healthier, cohesive support system for the Immigrant and refugee children. As community-led organizations, we are deeply committed to getting parents involved in their students’ education and playing a role in their educational success.

Through a shared common vision and purpose, V4A Youth Mentorship Program and Multicultural Counseling and Research Center will partner to close the educational opportunity gap by working together to educate and empower Immigrant parents of school-age children in St. Louis. Multicultural Counseling and Research Center will provide educational services for the youth and V4A Youth Mentorship Program will work with parents through hands-on informational workshops and seminars. Together we will provide a cohesive educational package that empowers the whole family by making them equal and informed partners with the school leaders.

The goal of V4A Youth Mentorship parent engagement campaign is to provide a support group where parents can voice their concerns, learn to monitor their students’ academic progress, build stronger relationships with teachers, and become advocates for their children within the school system.

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