V4A Buinding Young Scientists

Success is not one big step in the future but the little things we do today. During thanksgiving break ,a group of over sixty middle school and elementary immigrant students took educational field trip at St. Louis Science Center. Elementary students had an opportunity to learn about Watermelon Magic in 3D.  Awe-inspiring time-lapse photography condenses the growing cycle into a high-resolution dance of nature.  Through humor and drama, viewers experience the challenges and rewards of growing food, and the shared community of plants, soil, insects, and people that make up a small farm.
Middle school students learned about the mission mars, Electrify and Energize exercise. Students enjoyed Amazing Science Demonstration, Rocket to Mars. They learned about the forces that affect spaceflight and some of the physics behind rocketry.  Through both demonstration and participation, they learned about propulsion and other forces of flight needed to get to Mars and back.  Students had an opportunity to design paper rockets in teams and tested variables that affect the distance their rockets travel.  Used science skills such as measuring, observing and testing to design their rockets and launch them.
scienceV4A strives to build future scientist by helping kids develop interest in STEM subjects. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr notes that “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”.  Through similar events and activities, F4KIDZ program strives to promote mentorship for immigrant students to help them overcome social, emotional, and academic challenges as they pursue their life dreams. V4A F4KIDZ program inspires and help kids to discover their full potential as we invest in their dreams.
We believe this experience will leave a mark in the lives of over sixty kids in our F4kidz program. Science Center focuses on hands-on learning with exhibits, experiments and classes showcasing many different kinds of science. Similar activities and events are scheduled through out the winter period.

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