Health Access for Immigrants in St. Louis

Many immigrants struggle to support their families in USA and in their home country leaving them with no access to healthcare. We have seen preventable deceases develop to be chronic simply because it was not detected or treated early.

Four years ago St Louis County Health had a big challenge dealing with immigrants patients with communicable deceases due to cultural believe and language barrier.  To address this problem and other health related issues, Vitendo4africa in partnership with St Louis County Health has since developed a program on health awareness. V4A  also partner with Health Protection and Education services (HPES)  to provide monthly health screening to non insured immigrants in North County.

V4A in partnership with Bilingual International Assistant Services(BIAS) provides awareness and enrollment for Affordable Care Act (ACA) among immigrant communities. BIAS provides navigators and training while V4A will provide venue, publicity and distribution of educational materials.


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