First 2022 Momentum Speaker Series with Dr. Musonda Kapatamoyo

First 2022Momentum Speaker Series

Musonda Kapatamoyo sits as the Chairman of Mass Communication at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Nmesomachukwu Ezeokafor is a freshman at Pattonville High School. She intends to pursue gynecology in the future.

The presence of two stark contrast guests, one a professor and the other a student, is at least part of the reason V4A has Momentum Speakers Series. And that is what made February 10 special, not just by sharpening each other but empowering the youth.

Ezeokafor inspiring speaking style, one that marries supreme confidence beyond a lady of her age. Her speech evoked words of Nigeria’s motto- faith and progress- a nation she hopes to lead someday.

‘The journey ahead won’t be easy,’ she said, ‘But I believe in my inner self. Yes, I was scared of many things when I came here. Even my accent. Now fear is like nothing to me.’V4A can’t help overhearing her in TED Talk Speakers, TV, or podcast, explaining gynecological terms in simple language years to come.

And from Musonda?The founder of ATEMI, a corporation he founded as a graduate student narrated his journey from Zambia to inventing a Madison Curbside (mobile app), immediately after coronavirus hit. The app helps users find various businesses that offer both curbside orders and pickups of items such as food.

From advising immigrant students to always score higher, at the lowest 3.6 GPA, to taking risks, and representing Africa well, he was a crucial address of a brilliant mind, coded with the subject he knows best. The prevalence was observed by everyone.

Dr. Muthoni Musangali, associate professor at Webster University noted, ‘For a young struggling immigrant aspiring to rise, Prof. Musonda is an astute example.’ Even Sebastian Mwangi affirmed, ‘Now, thanks we have such a scholar- our youths have the chance to pursue the same course.’

The event was worth it.

V4A continues to engage in other projects. The next Momentum Speakers Series-Meet the Author-will be on Thursday, April 14th. 2022 at 6pm.

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