F4KIDZ donates $300 for Officer Craig Tudor

F4KIDZ visited Hazelwood police to deliver a get well card for Officer Craig Tudor. They also gave a check for $300 they raised among themselves and friends. They had an opportunity to tour the station, talked to the dispatchers, learned some life skills lessons and had Q&A with the officers.

V4A believes in taking preventive measures on matters pertaining to safety and health as opposed to being reactive. The focus is to teach kids about giving and community service, create brave students to stand against bullies, good drivers and responsible citizens in the future.

F4KIDZ program strives to promote mentorship for immigrant students to help them overcome social, emotional, and academic challenges as they pursue their life dreams. Through V4A F4KIDZ program, we inspire and help kids to discover their potential as we invest in their dreams.

Vitendo4africa (V4A) mission is to empower stronger, healthier immigrant individuals and families through advocacy, the provision of supports and services, and by strengthening alliances and developing strategic collaborations.


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