COVID-19 Statement from VITENDO4AFRICA

As we all closely follow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to thank you for your continued work in support of our shared community. Vitendo4africa is continually taking important steps to protect our clients and the general public from the recent spread of COVID-19.
Here at Vitendo4africa, our number one priority is to continue to provide vital client services in a safe and responsible way, which will ensure our clients, staff, volunteers and community partners will not suffer loss of service, or be placed at risk of exposure.  
In an effort to maintain services and safety for those receiving and providing them, please do not come to any events or the V4A office if you are experiencing the following:

1. Flu like symptoms – sneezing, chills, fever, body aches and such like
2. Have been around others who may have had flu like symptoms
3. Have traveled to and from outside Missouri via plane, bus, train or cooperative travel
4. Have been in proximity/near anyone who maybe under investigation/testing of the COVID19.

If you have experienced the above mentioned, please do not come to any events or the V4A office for the safety of our staff, members, and the community at large.

We also request that any clients and community partners who are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to the virus also refrain from visiting our offices, and contact their assigned staff member immediately to arrange alternate communication methods. We will also be requiring all visitors to the offices to confirm they do not pose a risk to others.
Basic safety measures, such as frequent handwashing can be reviewed at: and additional material is available below.
Please know that we recognize your concerns and are taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of those we work with, and the continuation of vital services.
If you have any additional questions please contact  our office at 3142520488  
We have activated our text messages and whassapp messages to effectively reach community members with vital information on coronavirus. We will continue to educate and disseminate information through the community leaders,  pastors and influential people in the community. We are working with ten V4A volunteer health workers to provide education and awareness in the community.
Additional Resources:
St. Louis City COVID-19 information – please call 314.657.1499 (M-F, 8:00am – 5:00pm) or visit:
St. Louis County COVID-19 information – please call 314.615.2660 if experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Additional resources at:
Jefferson County Health Department: (636) 797-3737
St. Charles County Health Department: (636) 949-7400
Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services – 24 hour hotline at 877.435.8411

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