Black History Extrvangaza Celebrations with the Jennings Community

On Sunday this week a group of African Immigrants kids and V4A team joined Jennings community to celebrate Black history extravaganza at Omega Center. F4KIDZ AFRICAN PERFORMING ARTS did outstanding performance of sharing the rich African Culture through dance, music and drumming. This event was organized by Neighbors Impacting Communities, a non profit organization in North County whose mission is to Empower subdivisions in north county to become active in efforts to preserve our communities and create innovative programs for the youth. 

“When neighbors come together and to lay the foundation of tomorrow, the future of their children is brighter and more promising. We must teach our children and youth about their heritage, engage them with activities that will boost their self esteem and provide them with tools of success” said NIC president, Ms Joyce Hughes. 

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in the U.S., is an annual observance in Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It began as a way for remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada in February, as well as in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Republic of Ireland in October.

Besides working with immigrants communities in St. Louis, V4A is actively involved with local organizations and individuals to promotes youth and women empowerment programs from the African American communities in North County.  We strongly believe that when communities integrate and work together,  the common problems of poverty, crime and health issues are easily addressed.

NIC next event, Juneteen is on June 22nd, 2019 at Ivory Theatre from 11am.

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