Resource Directory for the African Immigrant Community in the St. Louis Region

A strong sense of community emerges when individuals feel they belong, that they matter to one another and to the group, and have a shared belief that their needs will be met through a commitment to being together. This sense of community encompasses four key elements: membership, influence, integration and fulfillment of needs, and shared emotional connection.

To foster these principles, V4A has created a comprehensive resource directory designed to help connect the African Immigrant community in the St. Louis region. This guide serves as a valuable tool for new families, professionals, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and local government agencies. By sharing this resource, we hope to enhance connections and improve services for African clients throughout the region.

Feel free to distribute this directory to anyone seeking to build or strengthen their connection with the African Immigrant community in St. Louis. We encourage its use as a means to foster greater understanding, inclusion, and support within our vibrant community.
To welcome, connect and empower healthier immigrant individuals and families through the provision of supports and services, and by coordinating resources.
Empowered, Stronger, Healthier immigrant individuals and families. 
For more information and updates of upcoming community events, connect with us through the following social media platforms.
 Vitendo4Africa is impacting 27 nationalities, numbering 25,000+ individuals throughout MO.  Our mission is to welcome, connect and empower healthier immigrant individuals and families through the provision of supports and services by coordinating resources.
In Swahili, “Vitendo” means “action.” Vitendo4africa exists to provide immigrant and refugee families with direct services and interconnected resources to improve their quality of life. 
V4A has grown from an organic effort connecting a small number of families to services – into an established provider in education, youth development, translation services, behavioral health and health education – while connecting thousands of families with structured, vital services in the St. Louis region.
Thank you to the St Louis Family for creating a welcoming environment for many immigrant and refugee families who have made St. louis their home and heir city.
We are because you are. May the spirit of UBUNTU be with us all and with all our leaders in the region.

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