10-Year-Old Boy On a Mission To Make a Difference in Africa


10 year old boy who visited Kenya recently has been compelled from his experience to do something for the poor in Africa. He is determined to impact lives with the help of his parents and friends in US. Denis Muigai is a 4th grade student at St. Noberts Catholic School in Florissant, Missouri.

2012 Kenya Visit

Dennis Muigai, 10 yr old boy 4th grade student at St. Noberts Catholic School has been collecting shoes, books and pens to be donated to children in Africa. He also has collected a jar full of coins and plans to feed the children when he visit Kenya this Summer. With the help of his teacher and school.

Denis is planning for a shoe drive next month in his school. Denis is the project champion for 2013 Kenya Medical Mission organized by Vitendo4africa Foundation. Visit www.vitendo4africa.org

Poverty in Africa

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