Most immigrants and refugees students struggle adapting the American education system and it becomes even worse when the teacher is not well equipped to work with student from different cultural background.

Some of the students don’t pay attention to prepare for their ACT exams and as a result they end up with very low ACT score. This affects their eligibility for scholarship or fail to qualify for some college causes they may want to take. V4A hopes to address this problem by investing heavily on ACT preparation classes and parents education about the American education. ACT classes normally takes place on Saturdays from 4pm to 6p.

In order to create more professionals in the community, we hope to start teaching software development and coding to middle school immigrant students. We looking for partners to launch the program by the end of the year. The computer lab will also be a great resource teaching adults computer classes, job application and a resource center for business startup.

V4A strives to build future scientist by helping middle school and high school students  develop interest in STEM subjects.  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr notes that A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

Through similar events and activities, V4A  program strives to promote mentorship for immigrant students to help them overcome social, emotional, and academic challenges as they pursue their life dreams. V4A Youth program inspires and help students to discover their full potential as we invest in their dreams.
To partner with us you can either sign up as a volunteer or through financial support.

There are different ways you can make a difference in the lives of immigrant and refugees women.

1. Donate

2. Volunteer as a guest speaker or a mentor


3. Host a fundraising event.