To welcome, connect and empower healthier immigrant individuals and families through the provision of supports and services, and by coordinating resources.


Empowered, Stronger, Healthier immigrant individuals and families

V4A Story


Vitendo 4 Africa is a non profit organization registered in Missouri as 501 c (3) whose activities are directed towards empowering communities through educational and outreach programs in Missouri and in Africa.

Vitendo4Africa provides a forum for discussion of common issues, aspirations and solutions for the advancement of individuals and groups from African Immigrant community in Missouri. we are committed to promote and preserve the diverse African History, Music, arts, and cultures. Vitendo4africa sponsors events organized by Immigrant Communities in St louis and other neighboring cities.

 “Vitendo” is a Swahili word that means action.

These partnerships have proven invaluable as the projects initiated get support all round where all parties involved from  the initiation, funding and implementation have a vested interest to ensure the sustainability of these programs.

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