Kids Stepping Up For Africa


stepup4Four kids have teamed up to collect coins and stioneries with one ultimate purpose, donating to poor kids in Africa. Dennis Muigai, 2013 Vitendo Kenya Mission champion, his sister Stephanie Muigai, Anne Sankale and Abbigail Sankale all from Florissant Missouri has put aside some of their clothes and shoes to donate to kids in Kenya. Dennis plans to deliver personally the donated items this summer when he will be flying to Kenya with a team of Vitendo Mission Volunteers.

Dennis has also talked to his principle in school and from next month all Catholic Schools in St Louis will hold shoe-drive for two weeks. All donated shoes will be shipped for donation in Kenya.Box read more

10-Year-Old Boy On a Mission To Make a Difference in Africa



10 year old boy who visited Kenya recently has been compelled from his experience to do something for the poor in Africa. He is determined to impact lives with the help of his parents and friends in US. Denis Muigai is a 4th grade student at St. Noberts Catholic School in Florissant, Missouri.

2012 Kenya Visit

Dennis Muigai, 10 yr old boy 4th grade student at St. Noberts Catholic School has been collecting shoes, books and pens to be donated to children in Africa. He also has collected a jar full of coins and plans to feed the children when he visit Kenya this Summer. With the help of his teacher and school. read more

Nominations being accepted for 2012 Vitendo Achievers·Award Candidates


Each year we attempt to recognize a member of our community who has, through positive actions, stood out among his or her peers personally, professionally, and in  volunteerism.

An Vitendo Achiever Award winner is a distinguished individual who has established a reputable record of support and community service to make a difference in St Louis or in Kenya.  Those filling normination forms must detail the nominee’s qualifying accomplishments by completing the approved nomination form.  Nominations are accepted online or at the Vitendo4 Africa Office no later than April 30th of each year.   CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT 2011 VITENDO ACHIEVERS AWARD The Vitendo Association Board considers and votes on all candidates at its May meeting. To be selected, the candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast and be willing to accept the award, in person, at the year’s VITENDO Achiervers ceremony.

Lasting Solution for Drought in Africa


In response to current famine situation in the horn of  Africa, Vitendo 4 Africa is calling people of goodwill to contribute towards “Water Rig Project for Africa”

 “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. As we provide food to the hungry, providing a lasting solution is what  we envision here at Vitendo 4 Africa. With water Rig, we will provide enough water for household use and for irrigation. Farmers will grow enough to feed their familes and sell the surplus in the market. Just by creating some little income many kids will will go back to school. These kids will apply the skills they learn in school in the farm and hence creating more economic growth in their own villages. Vitendo4africa believes if you help them buy a water rig, you are not only assisting to drill water but you are also assisting to transform a community, safe lives and make a difference in the whole world.  Just like a butterfly can change the direction of the wind, “butterfly effect”. Your $10 today can change the world in a big way. Combination mud/air hammer water drilling rigs, depending on the drilling depth, borehole size, and the size air compressor used can easily cost over $100,000.00 /USD Your $10 DONATION may be the best and memorable gift you could ever give. All donations are tax deductible “Vitendo” meas “actions” in Swahili. Let us be men and women of ACTIONS