Teaching kids about world cultures helps them appreciate the differences in people and their traditions. Learning about their culture gives them identity and helps to boost their self esteem. V4A in partnership with Missouri Arts Council, offers classes on African Dance, swahili classes and African culture to immigrant kids in St. Louis.

Immigrant parents have willingly made many sacrifices, but often do not anticipate the culture clash and conflict with their own teens who, growing up in America, have a far greater identification with American culture. Their behavior and values may baffle or appall these parents and defeat their expectations. Sometimes the teens have internal conflict as well. They may feel culturally split, trying to be a dutiful, traditional child at home and an all American girl/boy at school. These competing requirements can be very stressful as teens essentially lead a double life, with all the lies that entails. WATCH VIDEO

V4A promotes discussion forums and activities between parents and kids to help improve communication and resolve conflicts. In June we had a memorable dady/daughter dinner date and every Friday over seventy kids meets to play the game of soccer together. This gives parents and kids opportunity to exercise and to bond.
Supportive and close family relationships protect your child from risky behaviour like alcohol and other drug use, and problems like depression. Your support and interest in what your child is doing at school can boost his desire to do well academically too.
Strong family relationships can go a long way towards helping your child grow into a well-adjusted, considerate and caring adult.

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